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Nusa Indah
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Ein Ferienparadies in Bali


Nusa Indah is the name of our personal little seaside paradise. It is a picturesque piece of land on Bali’s east coast. This is where we enjoy our holidays, and we are happy when our friends and guests feel the same enchantment that we do.


Four bungalows provide comfortable accommodation for singles, couples and families.

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The swimming pool refreshingly invites children and grown-ups


as does the sea, which is on the Nusa Indah’s doorstep.

We are pleased when our family, friends and guests spend their holidays in Nusa Indah. Please send your inquiries any time by e-mail. You can use our contact form.


The tropical climate offer the best holiday conditions in all seasons. Even the "rainy season" from December to February, has its charm: Bali is then covered in lush green, and many religious ceremonies take place all over the island.

In Indonesian “Nusa Indah” means "beautiful land" - this is no exaggeration! This lovely spot on Bali’s east coast borders the Indian Ocean and it belongs to the community of Sengkidu, a traditional Balinese village with about 1000 inhabitants. The nearest large village - Candi Dasa - can easily be reached by bike, motor bike or car, or even by foot, as it is only 3 km away.


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